5 Problems with other Roofing Companies

Many people don’t understand that the roof is the “key” to protecting your home and EVERYTHING inside of it.

The following are some of the problems of other contractors in the Rockford area:

  1. They are setup for speed and volume, paid by piecework, and paid for speed.  Therefore, their good craftsmanship isn’t applied.
  1. Many Rockford based contractors are unqualified.  Some roofers have never seen a shingle before they step onto their first roofing job, which could be your home!
  1. They tend to cover up problems as opposed to fixing them.  This happens frequently, and customers need to know the options if problems are found.
  1. Customer support in the long run is terrible and sometimes nonexistent with most of the other roofing companies in Rockford.
  1. Many roofing contractors don’t put enough nails into a new roof.  This VOIDS the warranty of the shingles from the manufacturer, as the installation must be completed according to spec.

Dagnon Roofing is confident that you will never have a problem with our work!  We are so confident that we offer a lifetime warranty on ALL of our exterior work!   This warranty includes materials AND labor!

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