Why Choose Dagnon?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Dagnon Roofing for your next exterior enhancement:

  • We specialize in the repairs of bad craftsmanship by other contractors.
  • We have built complete houses, so we have the knowledge and the experience that is necessary for a job well done.
  • Ask any insurance company or realtor in Rockford.  Dagnon Roofing is “the” name in roofing in this area!
  • Serving the community in residential roofing since 1961.
  • Our customers DEAL DIRECT with the owner, Doug Dagnon.  We DO NOT employee any outside sales representatives.
  • We are NOT volume oriented contractors.  Individual customer service makes us unique and the BEST choice in Rockford.
  • The Dagnon stamp is worth its value in resale.  An investment with us should improve your resale value if you decide to sell your home in the future.
  • We offer a LIFETIME Warranty on Materials AND Labor!  To the best of our knowledge, no other Rockford based contractor offers a warranty on labor in addition to materials.

Please contact us by calling (815) 633-4443.